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Prayer Requests

  • pet home

    please pray for good people to give home for the pet, dog F. or he will die in the shelter. Thnaks

  • For the Love and Glory of GOD

    hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ our father in heaven,Thank GOD for his grace! My prayer request is to be use as a light in our place ,I am from Philippines in Mindanao,I know all things is possible if his will,I prayed to GOD and as a prayer request here that I hope that there is a Christian Church in our place because it is Catholic place ,People are hunger and thirst for righteousness,truth,salvation,And also for the Children can have a place where their health must be given attention through feeding and most of all they will be teach and know GOD at their younger age as a future comes they will serve GOD and preach the word of GOD. .My prayer request is their somebody who is willing to reach out and sponsor for Church Building and for the Children..Thank you..May GOD bless us..

  • Umm

    If you are reading this, please pray for me. I've got this spot somewhere that I will not mention. I'm not sure what it is. I'm afraid to show anyone because I don't want to go to the doctor and get some bad news that will ruin my life. Please pray that this goes away and I won't have to tell my girlfriend that there is something wrong with me. God bless!!!! Thank you

  • My mom

    I would like to ask you to please pray for my sick mother. She has been sick for nine years this November. She will be going to the hospital next month. She really needs prays. Please take the time to pray for her. Thank you.

  • Restoration of my family

    Kindly pray for my finances, job and restoration of my family

  • For those affected by Hurricane Irma and the recent earthquake in Mexico

    Let's pray for those who have been affected by Irma and the earthquake in Mexico. It has affected many lives and many have lost their homes so let's pray for their recovery.

  • A good friend of mine is having trouble in her walk with God

    I have a very good friend, who, because of how some people have treated her, and shown God to her, combined with several things that have happened to her in the last few months, she's struggling with her faith a lot right now, so, I'd like to ask that you please pray that God reveal himself to her, and help her through this.

    1. Melanie Barchuse

      That sounds familiar to someone I know very well, I hope this friend of yours gets a real glimpse of God very soon. 🙂 ~ Melanie Barchuse

  • People affected by hurricane Harvey

    Let's keep those affected by hurricane Harvey in prayer.